Minardi Cosworth today announced that the distinctive logo of valued commercial partner, Superfund, will once again be displayed prominently on the team's cars in 2004.

This marks the successful hedge fund management company's third season of involvement with Minardi, clearly demonstrating its continuing belief in, and commitment to, the hard-trying Faenza squad.

Superfund's bold "bull" will be even more visible on this season's Minardi Cosworth PS04B than previously. It appears on the bargeboards, the leading edges of the sidepods and the engine cover, providing a visual indication that the Austrian-based company has stepped up its involvement with the team.

Sports sponsorship, and in particular, motor racing, continues to play an important role in Superfund's marketing strategy, having clearly helped to establish the brand as a major player in the international investment market.

"It is both heartening and a source of pride for the team that, once again, one of its existing sponsors has elected to continue, and in fact enhance, its relationship with Minardi Cosworth," says team principal, Paul Stoddart. "I sincerely want to thank Christian Baha, and everyone at Superfund, for their loyalty and for this vote of confidence in the team, at a time when we are trying hard to increase our overall competitiveness in what remains a very challenging commercial environment."

Quadriga CEO, Christian Baha, comments, "Superfund's involvement with the Minardi Cosworth Formula One team represents the top level of a 'pyramid' of motor racing involvement for our company, as we will again have a number of teams and drivers competing under the Superfund banner in 2004. This is a very deliberate strategy on our part, as we continue to feel strongly that motor racing reflects many of the challenges of the world of investing. As such, it provides an excellent way in which to promote the company and to generate awareness of its products. It is fair to say that we are very pleased with the results we have achieved in these areas over the last two years.

"On a personal level, we are proud to continue our association with Minardi, which is famous both for its fighting spirit and for its ability to discover and nurture young talent. These are both worthy attributes, and ones with which our company strongly identifies. Superfund is therefore very pleased to confirm its continuing support for the Minardi Cosworth team in 2004, and looks forward to a great season of racing."