Juan Pablo Montoya has blamed Tiago Monteiro for their coming together in the closing stages of the Turkish Grand Prix.

Speaking at the finish, the Colombian reckoned that the Jordan driver had quite simply braked too late - something that ultimately dropped him from a safe second to third at the chequered flag, behind the Renault of Fernando Alonso and race winner, Kimi Raikkonen.

Montoya also drew a parallel to his incident with Jos Verstappen back in 2001, when he was on course to take what would have been his maiden win in Brazil, when 'Jos the boss' put him out. This time though, Montoya could carry on, although admittedly while in 2001 few doubted it was Verstappen's fault, this time it wasn't quite so clear cut.

"I was cruising [towards the end]," said Montoya. "I knew what the gap was. I was just getting it to the end. I knew I didn't have to push, I had three laps to go and I had six seconds. I could lose two seconds a lap and still finish second. It wasn't a problem... then I passed Monteiro and under braking he just... I don't know, braked too late?

"He did what Verstappen did to me a few years ago. I was shocked, but, you know, I looked in the mirror, the rear wing was there, I went through the first few corners and the car felt alright so I went as I did every lap into turn eight and just went off. It's the only fast corner here. I came into the pits afterwards and all the rear diffuser was completely broken, so what could you do?

"It was disappointing because it would have been an easy one-two for the team and we were looking quite strong. I'm sad for the team because a one-two would have been really good for the Championships."

McLaren boss Ron Dennis meanwhile defended the Colombian - to an extent...

"Regarding Juan Pablo's incident," he added, "it should be noted that somebody who has been lapped already twice should make certain that he leaves enough room. The damage caused by the accident and Juan Pablo's off at Turn eight prevented us from achieving a one-two."



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