Takuma Sato and Antonio Pizzonia have both been penalised for their roles in collisions during the Belgian Grand Prix.

Sato hit Michael Schumacher under braking at the safety car restart, putting both cars out of the race at La Source with broken front and rear suspension respectively. The world champion visited the stewards whilst the race was still in progressed and voiced his opinion about the Japanese driver, who later claimed that Michael braked early and caused him to lock up on the damp track.

The stewards, however, had little time for Sato's version of events and gave him a ten-place grid penalty at the Brazilian Grand Prix in two weeks' time.

Pizzonia, meanwhile, collected Juan Pablo Montoya while trying to unlap himself late in the race. Having switched to dry tyres he was much quicker than the Colombian, and thought that he was being let past. Montoya took his normal line through the Fagnes chicane, causing Pizzonia to lock up and hit the McLaren, putting Montoya out of second spot and allowing Fernando Alonso to gain two further points towards his title quest.

Interestingly, Pizzonia was given a cash fine of $8000 for his error. Because the plan is for Nick Heidfeld to return at the next race, a grid penalty would have been meaningless, and the BMW Williams team will no doubt feel that it has escaped lightly...