Felipe Massa has blamed unclear rules as to why he missed the red light at the end of the pit lane that led to his controversial disqualification in the Canadian Grand Prix.

Massa, along with Giancarlo Fisichella, continued out of the pit lane during a safety car period when the red light had been shown, prompting officials to show them the dreaded black flag and eliminate them from the event.

However, while the Brazilian claims he is willing to take the blame for his mistake, he also questioned whether the person controlling the lights was aware that the last car had passed the pit lane.

With that in mind, Massa has asked for a clarification of the rules so the issue, which also saw Juan Pablo Montoya disqualified for a similar reason in 2005, do not occur in the future again.

"I believe the rules are the rules and so, as the driver, it was my fault because I did not look at the light and it was also a mistake from the team because they didn't tell me to look at the light. It won't happen again because we have added this situation to our checklist.

"But I also feel the rules are not so clear as they say you have to wait until the last car has passed the line, but as I came out of the pits I was the last car and the light was red, so it is possible that the guy controlling the red light wasn't quick enough, which would also be unfair on me. Two cars fighting for a good position were disqualified."



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