Max Mosley has questioned McLaren's decision to appeal against the decision not to punish Williams and BMW after the Brazilian Grand Prix, suggesting there is little chance Kimi Raikkonen's title will be taken away from him now.

With November 15th having been set aside to hear McLaren's appeal regarding the fact that BMW and Williams were not penalised for using fuel that was outside the temperature regulations, Mosley claims the team didn't necessarily have the right to appeal as it isn't the result they are protesting.

Indeed, the FIA President is steadfast in believing Raikkonen is the 2007 Champion and that an appeal against the results at Interlagos won't change anything to make Lewis Hamilton the title winner.

"For us, the world championship is over, the result is what it is," he told BBC Sport. "A team presented an appeal; at the moment, this doesn't change anything - it's up to them to prove they're right.

"You could argue whether McLaren had a right to appeal. They could have protested the result, but they didn't. Apparently they didn't measure the temperature of the fuel.

"But even if the cars classified ahead of Hamilton would be excluded, would this change his position? The court of appeal will have to rule on that."

If the three drivers under the spotlight ahead, Nico Rosberg, Robert Kubica and Nick Heidfeld, are penalised with a time penalty or expulsion, Hamilton would move up to fourth place on the road and therefore score enough points to be crowned 2007 Champion, almost a month after the deciding race.