In a dispute over land, former Jordan Grand Prix owner Eddie Jordan has barred the entrance to Force India's Formula 1 headquarters at Silverstone using two-tonne concrete blocks

The action has forced factory staff to use a single-track side road to get to work after the three-metre-long blocks were delivered by crane. The blocks were laid out along both the main road to the factory - which was owned by Jordan until he sold out to Midland F1 at the end of 2005 - and the visitor car park.

The Irishman acknowledged that he had ordered the blocks to be installed, in an effort to get Force India to open negotiations to purchase a section of the site that he still owns.

"I had to make a stand," the 60-year-old is quoted as having said by international news agency Reuters. "They have to come and talk to me. I paid for the road and put it on my land.

"I've got no problem with Force India co-owner Vijay Mallya. It's the people who are managing the business who don't want to talk."

Visitors to the site have been instructed to avoid the main entrance and instead use a side road which is signposted as a bridleway to access the factory.

"We do not want to make an official comment on this matter as the facts speak for themselves," insisted Force India spokesperson Lucy Nell. "The factory is functioning as normal and staff and visitors are accessing the facility."