Timo Glock appeared to have made an inspired decision to fit wet-weather rubber for the last few laps of the Belgian Grand Prix when he rose through the order to claim eighth place and the final point - only to be stripped of his award when the stewards added him to their list of transgressors.

The German had joined countryman Nick Heidfeld in making a late pit-stop and then rising through the field to catch and pass Mark Webber in the closing moments. However, the stewards later decided that he had ignored waved yellow flags during the race and added 25 seconds to his total race time, dropping him back behind Webber to ninth spot.

The Toyota driver had moved into ninth on lap one, but lost places with the heavy fuel load he had opted for in order to run a one-stop strategy. With little to lose as he remained outside the points entering the closing staged, he made the switch to standard wets with two laps remaining and took eighth place on the final lap.

"I had quite a tricky race but I am pleased with a point because, for a long time today, it looked like we would not be able to achieve that," Glock said, unaware that he had been penalised, "I have to say thank you to the team, especially the guys who work on the starts because it was mega for both cars. In the last couple of races, they have done a perfect job.

"I couldn't make up as many places as I wanted at the first corner because I saw S?bastien Bourdais slide into Jarno and I thought there would be a mess, so I tried to stay out of it. Then, for the first couple of laps, I couldn't get any heat into the tyres. I struggled quite a lot and lost a few places.

"When the rain started, I made the decision to come in and change to standard wet tyres and it was the right thing to do. It was not easy, but I just got past Mark Webber in the last corner and took the final point."

Webber had looked a good bet for points early in the race but was collected by an ambitious Heikki Kovalainen at the Bus Stop chicane before the first round of pit-stops and was left to try and make up places thereafter. The final point appeared to be his until Glock's tyre change looked to have made the difference.

"The first few laps were quite tricky due to the conditions, but our start was okay," the Australian said, also before Glock's penalty had been announced, "I was running a bit short and, when doing that, it helps to have a clear track, but I didn't. I lost some time behind Bourdais, who was a bit heavier, but we were still in a reasonable position. Then I got hit by Heikki and lost some time. It hurt our strategy, which was quite aggressive. The car felt best in the last stint on the prime tyres, so it's a shame we didn't get any points today."