Former Ferrari and Brawn GP Formula 1 driver Rubens Barrichello is recovering in hospital after a health scare at home in Brazil last weekend.

The 11-time F1 race winner was admitted to hospital last Saturday complaining of a severe headache which has later diagnosed as a problem with a vein that has now been treated. Barrichello has been recuperating well and is expected to make a full recovery.

The Brazilian driver, who retired from F1 in 2011 and switched to a single season in IndyCar before competing in Brazilian Stock Cars, has given an update on his condition via his Instagram page.

“I see everyone is sending me messages and everyone is worried,” Barrichello said. “So I decided to tell you. On Saturday I decided to wake up and have a shower and I felt a terrible headache.

“Luckily my wife was there and she called a friend doctor who took me to the hospital, they took really good care of me. I had a small problem on a vein but I want to tell you that I am feeling great.

“I am still going through exams and so on, but I am honestly great and the difficulties in life are the ones who show us how to grow and how to be better. I am so thankful, thank God for the opportunity and soon I will be back on the racetrack.”

Barrichello recently made his Le Mans 24 Hours debut, finishing 13th overall for Racing Team Nederland Dallara, while he ended the 2017 Brazilian Stock Car championship fifth in the drivers’ final standings.