Haas Formula 1 team boss Günther Steiner has welcomed plans to add a new grand prix in Miami to the calendar in 2019, but is fearful of the schedule becoming saturated with too many events.

The Miami City Commission voted in favour of plans to stage an F1 race from 2019, with plans in place for a grand prix to be held for 10 years from next October.

As F1’s only American team, Haas would enjoy the bonuses of a second home event should the Miami race go ahead, but Steiner feels added expansion in the United States is beneficial to the sport as a whole.

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“I think it would be good if it happens. But for us for sure, it’s nice to be there in the US with a second race,” Steiner said.

“I think Liberty’s putting a lot of effort into the US because they see a lot of potential in the market there, which is again good for F1, for all of us, not only for Haas. Let’s hope it’s happening.”

Since its takeover by Liberty Media in January 2017, F1 has been pushing to add new events to its calendar, targeting a 25-race schedule that could see cities such as Hanoi and Copenhagen join in the future.

While Steiner understands the importance of adding new events to the calendar to widen F1’s reach, he remained wary about the added pressures offered by a packed race calendar for both the teams and the fans.

“I don’t know exactly what Liberty is doing [for 2019]. I think there is maybe one grand prix not happening next year, and then we are back to 21, there’s always coming and going,” Steiner said.

“I think 22 would still be possible but it’s getting difficult. We will find out this year when we have the triple header how difficult this is. We will struggle and maybe find that there is a saturation point for the public. We need to be careful.

“I think Liberty is very good. They monitor it very well and at the moment. What Liberty is trying to do is get not the quantity of the races up but get the quality up.

“If we get Miami, if we get Copenhagen, I think as a global sport, these are good places to go to.”



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