Red Bull has opted to take a third MGU-K power unit element on Max Verstappen’s Formula 1 car ahead of Sunday’s Monaco Grand Prix, triggering a grid penalty that will have no impact on his starting position.

Verstappen entered the race weekend at Monaco having used just one MGU-K so far this season, but Red Bull opted to take a second and final part from its allocation for the season prior to the start of practice on Thursday.

Verstappen crashed out in FP3 and was forced into a gearbox change, preventing the Dutchman from taking part in qualifying. As a result, he will start the race from last place on the grid.

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The FIA confirmed ahead of today’s race that Red Bull had opted to change the MGU-K on Verstappen’s car under parc ferme conditions, moving him onto his third part of the season.

"After the qualifying session the motor generator unit-kinetic (MGU-K) of car number 33, driver Max Verstappen, was replaced for a new one which is the third of the two new motor generator units- kinetic (MGU-K) allowed for the 2018 Championship season," the technical report from the FIA reads.

"As this is not in conformity with Article 23.3a of the 2018 Formula One Sporting Regulations, I am referring this matter to the stewards for their consideration. The motor generator unit-kinetic (MGU-K) has been replaced with the approval of the FIA technical delegate following a written request from the team concerned, this being in accordance with Article 34.2 of the 2018 Formula One Sporting Regulations."

Verstappen is the first driver to exceed his allowance of any part through the season, and will be handed a 10-place grid penalty. However, it will have no impact on his starting position as he starts last regardless.