Vienna General Hospital says three-time Formula 1 world champion Niki Lauda is making “very satisfying” progress in his recovery following a lung transplant. 

The 69-year-old Mercedes non-executive chairman missed the last two races in Germany and Hungary and underwent a successful operation last week having been diagnosed with “severe lung disease”. 

On Monday the hospital treating the ex-Ferrari driver released a statement providing more details about his condition, adding that early developments following the transplant had been “very satisfying”. 

It said Lauda was breathing unaided, could be extubated and had full consciousness 24 hours after surgery had been completed. 

“His condition has further improved continuously and all organs are functioning well,” the statement continued. 

“Mr Lauda will stay at the Vienna General Hospital until his full recovery.” 

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff wished his colleague Lauda, who suffered life-threatening injuries in an accident at the Nurburgring one year after winning his first F1 title, a safe and speedy recovery. 

“We have missed him by our side in Hockenheim and Hungary, and can’t wait to have him back with us on the Grand Prix tracks of this world,” Wolff said.

“The recovery he now faces is not a race. But knowing Niki, I’m sure he will soon be telling every nurse and doctor that he has had enough of the hospital. 

“We wish him a safe and speedy recovery - in that order - and send all our positive energy to him and his family.”