Formula 1 commercial chief Sean Bratches says the sport’s bosses “have a plan” to make racing less predictable following criticism from outgoing driver Fernando Alonso.

Alonso announced last week he would be quitting F1 at the end of the 2018 season in order to focus on “bigger challenges”, before criticising the sport’s predictability and “very poor” quality of racing.

“I stopped because the action on-track in my opinion I feel is very poor,” Alonso said.

“In fact, what we talk about more in Formula 1 is off-track. We talk about polemics, we talk about radio messages, we talk about all these things.

"When we talk so many times about these things, it’s a bad sign. It’s because the on-track action was very poor that weekend. That’s what I feel in Formula 1 now, and I think there are other series that maybe offer better action, more joy, and I think more happiness.”

Speaking at the Black Book Motorsport Forum on Tuesday, Bratches said he agreed with Alonso’s assertion that F1 was too predictable, and stressed that plans were in place to change that in the future.

“I think there is an opportunity for Formula 1 to be less predictable, and it’s important that we get there,” Bratches said.

“Since the 2015 season, only three teams have won a grand prix, so it is pretty predictable.

“I think [Alonso’s] right, and we have a plan to fix it. I wish he was around for another 10 years to be part of it. He’s been such a phenomenal ambassador for the sport; a hero, a legend.”

Bratches conceded he felt “disappointed from a business standpoint” that Alonso had chosen to quit F1 for 2019, but is hopeful of keeping the Spaniard involved in the sport.

“He’s been around for a long time. He’s climbed the highest peaks, and I respect his decision to move on,” Bratches said.

“I hope we can engage him to be an ambassador of this great sport of ours going forward."