Ross Brawn says Formula 1 will look to keep DRS “in our pocket” as a tool drivers can use under the revised technical regulations for the 2021 season.

The Drag Reduction System (DRS) was introduced to F1 in 2011 in a bid to aid overtaking, but has been criticised for much of its period of usage.

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Brawn said back in February he hoped F1 could develop cars to a point where DRS was no longer required to aid racing, but admitted he did not see a change coming in the near future.

F1 has been working to develop a new set of technical regulations for the 2021 season that will allow for closer racing and offer better-looking cars, with a range of concept designs being unveiled on Friday in Singapore.

Asked if the new regulations would allow for F1 to scrap DRS from 2021, managing director for motorsports Brawn said it was likely the device would continue to be available to drivers.

“I think we can keep that in our pocket. I’d like to think we could reach a stage where the DRS doesn’t become so critical, but it’s a very easy thing to have or not have if we find the cars are able to battle with each other,” Brawn said.

“I think overtaking is a culmination, but having a great battle is critical, and where you have cars where they can’t follow each other consistently because the tyres degrade because the loss of performance, then you don’t have so many great battles. 

“You can have a great battle where the guy that is leading at the start is still leading at the end, but it’s still a great battle. So we have made an effort to distinguish the difference between overtaking and racing. Often racing will culminate in overtaking.

“But I think at Monza, I saw some statistics the other day that half the overtakes were with DRS and half were without, so there was plenty of action at Monza. But it’s a unique track in that respect, and we need more tracks where the cars can do battle.”

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