Haas Formula 1 team principal Gunther Steiner says he is “getting tired” of the criticism Kevin Magnussen continually faces and feels the Dane has become an easy target for rival drivers. 

Magnussen has come under fire from fellow drivers on a number of occasions this season for his aggressive approach in wheel-to-wheel combat.

The latest incident occurred at last weekend’s Japanese Grand Prix, as Charles Leclerc rear-ended Magnussen’s Haas when attempting a pass along the main straight, prompting Leclerc to brand Magnussen “stupid”.

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When asked if he felt Magnussen was becoming an easy target for criticism, Steiner replied: "Absolutely. It's more of the same.

“I'm getting quite tired of this. If they have a problem with him just blame him for it because it's quite normal."

Magnussen appeared to jerk to the right as Leclerc lined up a move, causing damage to both cars, with Magnussen forced to retire after suffering a puncture.

The Suzuka race stewards investigated the collision but opted against dishing out any penalties after finding no driver wholly to blame.

Leclerc was adamant Magnussen was in the wrong and called for an explanation from the FIA as to why no action was taken, while Steiner believes the Sauber driver was ultimately responsible.

"He [Leclerc] ran into him. He ran into him,” he explained.

"Kevin didn't brake. He didn't push him off or anything, Kevin just moved over to his line and he ran into him. What can he do? Just let him by?"

"It was before the braking point. It was not under braking. He needs to judge what he can do and what he cannot.

"[Magnussen] didn't run into the side of him, he was clearly in front because he could move in in front of him."



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