Formula 1 race director Charlie Whiting says he does not expect there to be a delay for the planned overhaul of the sport’s regulations in 2021 despite concerns from teams over a lack of concrete plans.

F1 officials have identified 2021 as the year to spark a technical shake-up of the sport, with renders of concept cars being drawn up with teams in recent months.



Revisions to the sporting regulations have also been suggested, while a new commercial agreement will need to be drawn up with teams for 2021, the existing deal only running to the end of 2020.

Toro Rosso team boss Franz Tost recently said time was “running away” to fix the regulations for 2021, while both Christian Horner and Günther Steiner have expressed doubts minor changes will be able to make much of an immediate impact on F1.

The FIA has said repeatedly it was close to confirming the regulations for 2021, yet nothing has been rubber-stamped despite an ever-narrowing window.

However, Whiting stressed at Suzuka earlier this month that there were no plans to postpone the introduction of the new rules beyond 2021.

“It’s taking us a little bit longer than expected,” Whiting said.

“[We are] still talking through the teams, we went through a lot the stuff in the Strategy Group last week, but it’s an ongoing process.

“And it will be 2021, yes.”

The World Motor Sport Council confirmed some minor tweaks to the technical regulations for 2019 last week, including the addition of new rain lights to the rear wing endplates on all cars.

A finalised and complete version of either the sporting or technical regulations has yet to be made public, though, although the teams do have them in full.

The major technical change for next season will be revisions to the front and rear wings, made in a bid to aid overtaking and make it easier for cars to follow each other.


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