Haas team principal Gunther Steiner believes a budget cap will have more impact than the proposed 2021 regulation shake-up in helping smaller outfits compete with Formula 1’s leading three teams.

F1’s next major regulation overhaul is scheduled for 2021 with a clear aim of improving both the on-track spectacle as well as creating a more level-playing field throughout the grid.

Part of the plan to increase greater competition between teams is to introduce a budget cap – projected at $150 million. F1 sporting boss Ross Brawn recently revealed a desire to bring forward cost control measures in a series of stages, beginning as early as 2019.



When asked if he felt the new 2021 car concepts could enable Haas to close the gap to F1’s top three teams, Steiner replied: “The gap can just be bridged with a budget cap.

“Whatever we design, that will not bridge the gap. Whatever design you propose, people with more resources and more money can just do more work, and more is better in the end. It will not bring the field together."

Despite currently trailing midfield rivals Renault by 15 points in an intense scrap over fourth place in the 2018 constructors’ championship, the American squad has already started to shift development focus onto next year’s car ahead of the introduction of revised aerodynamic regulations.

“Our development is going well,” Steiner added. “Maybe some of the other teams have got even better development, but I don’t know that.

“We are happy with our rate of development as it stands now. The scope of work is the same – to make the best car possible with the regulations you’re given. Our team is working hard to achieve that.”


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