Sebastian Vettel says he is “getting tired” of having to pull off recovery drives through the field after his latest comeback at the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix.

Vettel, who started fifth after picking up a penalty for failing to slow sufficiently under a red flag during practice in Austin, attempted a move on Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo but the pair made light contact at Turn 13, pitching the Ferrari driver into his second spin in as many races.

The German rejoined in 15th and was able to recover to fourth, though finishing behind Lewis Hamilton acted as another blow to his ever-fading title hopes.

“I’m getting tired of recovery drives,” Vettel admitted after the race.

“I had a good run out of the last corner, got past him, he tried to fight back, which is fair enough, into the next corner we went side-by-side.

“I had the inside, not sure he saw me, but yeah, once I went in side-by-side you know I wanted to get the car as tight as possible but I couldn’t run any tighter so made contact and spun.

“I should be in a bit better position, I think for me a bit disappointing day, which after lap one was difficult to come back.”

Despite his personal disappointment, Vettel said he was pleased to see teammate Kimi Raikkonen take his first grand prix win in 113 races.

“I’m happy for the team and for Kimi, he deserves to win more than anyone in the grid. Happy for him, not happy for myself,” he added.

“The good news is we had a good car this weekend in dry conditions so let’s see where we end up next week.”

Asked if he felt a Ferrari one-two would have been possible given the pace both drivers showed, Vettel said: “I don’t know I think if you have two cars, I don’t know if Mercedes fits into that window as well.

“But for sure we could have done better than first and fourth.”