FIA president Jean Todt believes Formula 1 is becoming too reliant on “hidden simulation”, which he feels has become bad for the sport.

Restrictions on in-season testing have resulted in teams increasingly using simulator drivers at their factory bases to help improve car set-ups and development throughout the season based on data gathered from the track.

But Todt reckons this is having a negative impact on F1, especially for fans who are not able to witness the behind-closed-doors approach to F1 development.

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“Things are changing, sometimes for the good, sometimes less good,” Todt said in an interview with Sky Sports F1.

“I feel that cars are too reliable. I feel [there’s] too much happening that you don’t see.

“Simulation, drivers simulating race circuit in the factory during the race weekend or any other period without any limitation.

“In a way I miss sometimes the past. I miss private testing, everybody was complaining it’s too much private testing.

“At least you could see what was happening.”

Todt suggested F1 would benefit from tighter restrictions surrounding how teams are able to use the data they collect.

“Probably it was too much but now I think it’s too much hidden simulation in the factory,” he added.

"Clearly sometimes modernity is good but it should be also a bit more controlled.”