Pirelli boss Mario Isola has explained why the Italian manufacturer’s 2019 Formula 1 tyres have a shiny new look. 

The addition of shiny-look tyres is one of a number of alterations made by Pirelli for this year, including a new coding system in a bid to simplify its range of compounds. 

Pirelli says a new production method has been introduced in order to get rid of imperfections and improve the construction of the compounds, resulting in the new look. 

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“We are using new moulds that have chrome treatment,” Isola said. “We tested that last year for the first time in Formula 2. 

“The reason why we introduced this technology is that especially the Hypersoft last year, and C4/5 [softest 2019 compounds] are very sticky and, when you vulcanise and cook the tyre, it’s difficult for the mould sometimes.

"You see small imperfections of the thread because of this adhesion between the compound and the moulds. With the new moulds they are better. 

“They look nicer but in terms of technology it’s better. That specification is the same as in Abu Dhabi, they are not different - just the surface, the finishing - is more shiny.”

Despite the shiny surface, Isola insists the new tyres will not have less grip than before when being used for the first time. 

"It is something that out of the pitlane will not change anything,” Isola explained.

"What could happen is that if the drivers fits a new set of tyres and they run slow laps, just because of the camber, they don't use the external side.

"So when they are back in the pit you will see the external side is still shining. But that is it."