Reigning Formula 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton says he had a previous opportunity to work with Netflix, though talks with the broadcaster broke down.

Earlier this year, Netflix released a 10-part fly-on-the-wall documentary providing rare insight into the world of F1, with the series receiving largely positive reviews from fans and those involved in the project.

Leading F1 rivals Mercedes and Ferrari were largely absent from the series following both teams’ refusal to participate. It meant the 2018 title fight between Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel only briefly featured.

“I had an opportunity with them a long time ago, before that all came out and it was an individual thing,” Hamilton revealed. “I didn’t end up doing it.

“And the team [Mercedes] were going to do something and then that didn’t end up happening, then Formula 1 ended up doing something.”

Hamilton said he has not watched the ‘Drive To Survive’ series but hopes F1 continues to push the show to attract new interest in the sport.

“I’ve heard mixed reviews,” he added. “Majority of them have been more positive. I can imagine it’s been good for the sport for people that don’t understand it and think why you would watch a Formula 1 grand prix, see it on Netflix - I think it’s been good.

“I hope they keep pushing it, even though I’ve not seen it, and I look forward to series two and all the things continuing on.”

Asked if he wanted to get involved with the series, Hamilton replied: “I don’t really care to be honest.

“I heard I was in it anyway. It’s about Formula 1 it’s not about one individual.”

Having cited its intense championship battle with Ferrari as a reason for its absence, Mercedes is now considering whether to take part in the second series of the documentary, which will follow the current 2019 F1 season.