Retaining a veto over proposed rule changes in Formula 1 remains “important” to Ferrari and helps protect the entire grid, according to team chief Mattia Binotto.

Ferrari has held a veto over possible rule changes in F1 for a number of decades as part of its commercial agreement to race in the sport, but this is under threat upon a revision of the Concorde Agreement for 2021. 

F1 bosses have stressed they wish to make the sport more competitive and fairer, with Ferrari’s veto known to be a point of contention for many in drawing up future agreements.

Speaking on Friday in Spain, Ferrari F1 team principal Binotto said it was crucial that the veto remained in place beyond 2020, saying it was not only for the good of Ferrari but for all teams.

“Certainly the veto right is something important for Ferrari, but I believe it’s something important for F1 overall as well,” Binotto said.

“It’s not only protecting us, but it’s protecting all the teams maybe against some decisions which could be against the spirit or the interest of the teams themselves, something that we are starting discussing with both the FIA and F1.

“I think we are doing well in that respect, and hopefully we can keep the same rights.”

Talks between F1 bosses and the teams are ongoing as they look to draw up the future commercial agreement, which will come into force for the 2021 season.



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