Kimi Raikkonen says his Formula 1 future will not be influenced by the proposed regulation shake-up for 2021.

F1 is currently negotiating with team officials to set out a new set of regulations post-2020, with emphasis placed on reducing costs and creating fairer competition between teams.

But Raikkonen, who signed a two year deal with Alfa Romeo heading into this season, insists the changes will have “zero impact” on whether he sticks around beyond the end of 2020.

Asked if the rule changes will have any impact on his decision, Raikkonen replied: “No, no. Because in the end you see, we make a big rule change, you never know.

“Generally, the big teams are still there, because they have the research to do a lot of different things and figure out the best way to do it.

“Maybe it would be nice that if everything got much closer, for the sport, not just for the drivers, but for the sport.

“But honestly, it’s very unknown. We can guess, but it has zero impact on driving. In the end, who knows.

“Obviously I have a contract for next year, and after that, we’ll see how things go and if I’m interested. If not…”

This weekend’s Monaco Grand Prix will mark Raikkonen’s the 300th race that he has entered, though the Finn admitted he asked Alfa to cancel all celebrations because the milestone gives him “absolutely zero pleasure”.

“I’m not here because I can be the most grands prix - it gives me absolutely zero pleasure. It’s purely a number,” he said.

“I’ve already told the team a while ago I don’t want… it’s as any other race here, but people try to celebrate. It’s a number, what’s the difference?

“I tried to force them to cancel everything, but not very good success so far!”



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