Sergio Perez says he came close to hitting circuit marshals during the Monaco Grand Prix in the Safety Car period and will raise the issue with the sport’s Safety Commission.

The Racing Point driver says he had to take avoiding action exiting the pit lane during the early Safety Car period when marshals ran on to the track clearing debris after Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc hit the wall at La Rascasse and suffered a tyre puncture.

The Mexican says both he and the marshals were “very lucky” in the incident, which was not initially picked up by F1 TV broadcasters, with nobody harmed but will flag up the issue at the next FIA Safety Commission meeting with the F1 drivers.

“During the Safety Car I had a marshal running into me, I nearly ran over him, two of the marshals,” Perez said. “It was under the Safety Car, coming out of the pits into Turn 1.

“That was really bad. They were running back and I was coming out of the pits. I had to brake and I was very lucky, they were very lucky that I avoided them.

“They are usually very good. It is a safety issue and the most important thing at the end of the day is safety for marshals and drivers.”

Perez is also set to visit the FIA race stewards following an incident with Kevin Magnussen where the Haas driver ran off track at the Nouvelle Chicane to defend his position against the Mexican driver.

“I tried a move on Magnussen which I think was all correct but he cut the chicane so he just got a warning,” Perez said. “But the warning didn’t change anything as we only have one move in Monaco and when you do it and then the car ahead cuts the chicane there is no more opportunity for it.

“It is something we are going to speak about. In all fairness to the car ahead he gives space but then he has nowhere to go. As the car behind, you make the move and you only have one chance in Monaco if at all.

“I think there has to be a little chicane or something so the people that cut the chicane should lose some time. It is something we have to review in the coming races.”

Perez, who pitted under the Safety Car which proved the wrong strategy call as it sacrificed track position, ended the Monaco Grand Prix in 13th place directly behind Magnussen.



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