George Russell is convinced the Williams Formula 1 team is on the right path to progress after a torrid start to the 2019 season.

A delayed car build hampered the British squad’s pre-season test programme and when its FW42 finally hit the track, it proved to be the slowest car on the grid.

Williams languishes at the very bottom of the constructors’ championship as a result, and is the only team yet to score points from the opening 10 rounds, however, Russell is encouraged by what he has seen.

“I think it’s a step-by-step process for us at the moment,” Russell said at the British Grand Prix.

“The team has two very difficult years… or a very difficult year last year. They wanted to change a lot of the structure and it was almost that we had to make two steps back before we made three steps forward.

“The groundworks are kind of really in place at the moment to try to bring more performance to the car as the season progresses and I’ve got confident we can do that.”

Russell convincingly beat fellow F1 rookies Lando Norris and Alexander Albon to the Formula 2 title last year, but has been unable to show off his talents this year given the uncompetitive machinery he finds himself in, while Norris and Albon have impressed.

Asked if he is frustrated by knowing that even if he does the best job he can it is unlikely to be recognised in the same way, the Briton replied: “At the end of the day, I know there are only a small number of people that are going to make a difference in my career and that’s Claire and the top people at Williams and Toto and the top people at Mercedes.

“Those guys are fully aware of the situation. They know exactly if I’ve had a good weekend or not. And even in myself, I’ve come away from some races which I know I’ve performed well, and I’ve come away satisfied, and other races I’ve come away knowing I could have done a better job, even though I ended up in the exact same position.

“But I’m also happy for Lando and Alex: the younger generation sticking it to the experienced guys and showing that we can do it. I’m happy for them and if they’re doing a good job, it also looks good for me.”