Kimi Raikkonen believes Alfa Romeo’s points total does not accurately reflect its performances through the Formula 1 season so far, praising the team for its recent progression.

Raikkonen has impressed with Alfa Romeo since joining from Ferrari for 2019, scoring points in eight of the opening 12 races with a highest race finish of P7.

But the Finn does not feel the team’s 32 points scored so far this year - of which he is responsible for 31 of - is a fair reflection of how well it has performed.

“If you look just at the points now, they look pretty shitty, but I don’t think they’re telling the true story of the first part of the season,” Raikkonen said.

“For sure, around Barcelona and after that, we weren’t really where we wanted to be. We were just too slow. But before that and after that, we came back quite well in the last few races.

“I think in terms of pure speed, we were in Germany the fastest we’ve ever been against the midfield and also compared to the front guys. I think we’re going in the right direction.

“We are doing the right things, but as a team we have some limitations, because the budget is not like the guys have at the front. We know that, we have to accept it, but I think for what we have, we are doing a pretty good job.

“Obviously, we want to be faster and be further ahead but we’re building up. These things take time. The new things we bring always work as they should.

“I think we’re doing OK. It could always have been better in some cases when we certainly didn’t maximise the points, but that’s how it is.”



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