Charles Leclerc says he enjoys racing against Max Verstappen even if he feels he occasionally oversteps the mark, while he believes he can learn more from battling Lewis Hamilton on track.

The Ferrari driver came to blows with Verstappen in the tussle for victory at last year’s Austrian Grand Prix, when the Red Bull driver forced him wide and off track but following a stewards investigation the Dutch driver avoided a penalty for the move.

After the race Leclerc said he adjusted his own approach to on-track battles in F1, taking on Verstappen during the British Grand Prix two weeks later, while his aggressive defensive moves saw him fend off Mercedes duo Hamilton and Valtteri Bottas to win the Italian Grand Prix.

Speaking on the latest Sky Sports F1 Vodcast, Leclerc reflected on his experiences battling both Verstappen and Hamilton on track and explained the differences between the two.

“If I want to be sure to finish the race, probably Lewis! But for the fun and the close racing probably Max, because I know it’s always exciting to be fighting with Max,” Leclerc said on who he prefers to race against.

“There’s very little space given but I think that's what we all enjoy with the sport. Sometimes it’s a bit over the limit, sometimes it’s just on the limit, but I enjoy racing it in reality.”

Leclerc also feels he can learn a greater amount battling Hamilton given the reigning Formula 1 world champion’s superior experience having noticed his different style on track.

“Lewis is a bit of a different driving [style],” he explained. “He’s extremely clever and I learn always so much when I fight with Lewis. He always knows exactly what you are going to do next with his experience, and that’s what makes him so good on track with the battles.

“He’s not very aggressive, always very correct, but always very good to anticipate what you are going to do.”

Ferrari has committed to a long-term partnership with Leclerc after signing him to a new F1 deal which runs until the end of 2024.