George Russell hopes to one day make Lewis Hamilton “regret” giving him some advice which aided him during his debut Formula 1 season.

The 22-year-old Briton impressed during his rookie F1 campaign driving for the struggling Williams team, which spent the majority of a difficult 2019 season anchored to the back of the grid.

Russell, who stormed to back-to-back titles in GP3 and Formula 2 prior to his F1 promotion, revealed a small piece of advice from six-time world champion Hamilton helped him get more performance out of his tyres in F2, and it also translated into grand prix racing.

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Asked what was the best piece of advice he had received from an F1 driver during a fan Q&A with Sky Sports, Russell said: “I had a little bit of advice from Lewis about two years ago when I was racing in F2.

“We were in a debrief and I was struggling a little bit with something and I was talking to some of the engineers and he just gave me a bit of advice from the driving side.

“It was mainly about the tyres, and how to try and get more out of them. I’d say that was a little thing that helped me find that little bit extra, what I was just missing at the start of my F2 career.

“That’s actually pushed forward into F1 as well and has benefitted me as I moved into F1.

“That little piece of information triggered something in my mind and I think a lot about it and how I can get even more out of it.

“I hope I can make him regret giving me that advice one day!”

As Mercedes' highest-placed junior driver, there is a chance that Russell could end up becoming Hamilton’s teammate in the coming years.