Karter spun out, gets mad, throws things… goes viral, FIA calls it 'disturbing'

The FIA calls it 'disturbing', Jenson Button calls for a lifetime ban... we doubt Luca Corberi expected this much attention when he lost his s**t in the MZ Karting finals...
Luca Corberi Karting Viral Hissy fit
Luca Corberi Karting Viral Hissy fit

You don’t often see much karting news on Crash.net (we only have so many hands) but this rather extraordinary footage of an irate karter throwing the Daddy of hissy fits on circuit has not only gone viral but has prompted the FIA to launch an investigation into the ‘disturbing’ incident.

So first some background, the offending driver is Luca Corberi who gets himself into a lather when he is involved in an incident during the Karting World Championship KZ Final, a series where the great and good of today’s stars cut their teeth.

While there was certainly something big riding on success here, it doesn’t come close to justifying the ensuing events as an incensed Corberi climbed out of his kart, retrieved his bumper and proceeded to stand partially on the circuit and the kerb as karts speed towards him and eye up the driver he felt his grievance with, Paolo Ippolito.

We needn’t explain what happened next, watch below…

FURY! Luca Corberi throws bumper at rival on track in Karting World Championship KZ Final


Naturally, Corderi was always going to get the stiffest punishment possible for this escapade alone, but he didn’t exactly help matters by storming off across the a live circuit - very not OK - and brushing off marshals as they attempted to stop him from making it back to the paddock, where to top it all off he engaged in a bit of public remonstration with Ippolito after the race.



To bring all this into even sharper context is the revelation the circuit is actually owned by his family, which doesn’t exactly reflect well on them either since it could cost them the opportunity of hosting further high-profile karting events.

With the video now going viral beyond merely motorsport media - even celeb gossip site TMZ has waded in - the FIA has duly intervened to confirm it will investigate the incident, though in an unusual show of anything other than generic formal language, it does amusingly describe the incident as ‘disturbing’...



“The FIA and ACI are deeply concerned by the disturbing events that occurred yesterday during the FIA Karting KZ World Championship in Lonato, Italy involving drivers, team members and track officials. The FIA has launched an immediate investigation in to the incidents.”

With social media awash with the clip, it hasn't escaped the eyes of those at the top of the sport with 2009 F1 champion Jenson Button offering his two cents by calling for Corberi to be banned from motorsport altogether. We all want to hear from our heroes, but doubt Corberi will feel especially proud for this one.

Five minutes of fame, eh?!

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