Racing Point F1 driver Lance Stroll has been handed three penalty points for the collision with Lando Norris and several track limit violations at the Portuguese Grand Prix.

The stewards deemed Stroll to be at fault for the contact with Norris as he attempted to overtake the McLaren around the outside into Turn 1.

The Canadian was given a five-second penalty after the stewards deemed him responsible for the crash with Norris.

He was later handed another five-second penalty for exceeding track limits on multiple occasions before retiring from the race.

The stewards' ruling said: “Stroll made a late move around Norris at the end of the main straight. He then drove straight towards the apex of turn one while Norris was still partially alongside.

“Norris moved as far to the apex as he could just avoiding the aggressive sausage [kerb] on the inside, and thus did everything he could to avoid the collision. The stewards determined that Stroll was predominantly at fault for the collision.”

Stroll was given two penalty points for the collision, then one further point for the track limit violations.

He wasn't the only to pick up penalty points for exceeding track limits with Romain Grosjean and Daniil Kvyat receiving a point each for “leaving the track on multiple occasions” - they were also handed five-second time penalties in the race.

Stroll’s failure to finish at Portimao means he hasn’t scored points in the last four races. 

Racing Point sits two points clear of McLaren in the race for third in the constructors' championship following Sergio Perez's seventh-place finish, while the second McLaren of Carlos Sainz finished sixth.