The all-new Jeddah Street Circuit will host the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix in December.

The Saudi Arabian circuit has been titled ‘the fastest street circuit in the world’ due to average lap speeds expected to be over 250km/h.

The Jeddah Street Circuit is made up of 27 corners and is 6.175km in length, making it the second longest circuit on the current F1 calendar after Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium.

The high-speed nature of the layout should provide some overtaking opportunities with rumours there could be three DRS zones in place come December’s race.

F1 has released a video of an onboard lap of the new circuit.

Using the racing sim title, Assetto Corsa, the high-speed, technical nature of the new Jeddah Street Circuit can be seen in all its glory.

The lap begins with a low-speed, gear two hairpin before opening up to a fast sequence of flowing corners.

It’s not until Turn 13 you get to another sizable braking zone, but still one that is unlikely going to offer too many overtaking opportunities.

Another fast, technical section is soon followed by Turns 18, 19 and 20 - flat out in modern F1 cars, which could be where one of the DRS zones is situated.

Turns 24, 25 and Turn 26 will provide another potential overtaking opportunity into the Turn 27 hairpin, before leading onto the start-finish straight.

The Jeddah Street Circuit looks exciting to drive with its flowing nature likely to appease drivers.

The lack of heavy braking zones may mean the inaugural race in Saudi Arabia could not live up to its grand presentation, although as seen in Baku over the years, street races can offer up some chaotic races.

F1 will head to Jeddah for the penultimate round of the 23-race season on December 3-5.