The FIA is set to carry out “deeper technical checks” on Formula 1 cars at races this season to ensure that all teams are complying with the regulations.

In addition to the routine checks already carried out by the FIA’s technical department at every race, FIA technical delegate Jo Bauer will “randomly select one car at each event following the race” for inspection.

An FIA bulletin issued ahead of this weekend’s season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix said: “In order to complete deeper technical checks of the cars in the championship, the technical delegate will routinely and randomly select one car at each event following the race for deeper disassembly, conformity checks and checks of software and systems.


“Additional checks may also be carried out on the competitor’s other car.

“These checks will be in addition to the routine checks carried out by the technical department of the FIA and reported at the conclusion of each event.”

With the deeper checks expected to take longer than the standard procedures, the FIA notes that the final classification will be released as normal but will be marked as being “subject to ongoing routine technical checks.”

The technical delegate will publish a report in the event of any irregularity being discovered and the FIA will have the power to “safeguard any evidence” by impounding the relevant parts.

“Should a stewards’ investigation be necessary, in accordance with Art[icle] 11.9.3.t of the ISC which concerns decisions that must be taken after an event, the stewards may reconvene, or delegate their authority to a subsequent panel of stewards, or to a panel assembled by the FIA for that purpose,” the bulletin concluded.