Sebastian Vettel admits he’s “upset and angry” after he didn't make it out of Q1 in qualifying for the season-opening Formula 1 Bahrain Grand Prix.

Vettel’s lack of pace during Friday practice continued into qualifying as he languished in the bottom five going into the final runs.

The German’s final effort was ruined by two yellow flag incidents - the first was caused by Nikita Mazepin at Turn 1, while Carlos Sainz's slow-moving Ferrari caused the second one in the middle sector.

Reflecting on his first qualifying for Aston Martin, Vettel said: “Certainly, we should be a lot faster, so we just made it across the flag and then yeah, had the issue obviously with the yellow flags during the lap so that made it a little bit impossible to come back, but it is what it is now and we try to see what we can do tomorrow.

“If I panicked now would it help? If I was really upset? For sure I am upset and angry that it wasn’t our fault in a way not to make it through but yeah, we have to take it and do what we can, preparing tomorrow.”

Mazepin caught the headlines again at the end of Q1 as leading up to the final runs, he decided to overtake Vettel and several other drivers when they were backing up before the final corners to prepare for their qualifying laps.

F1 drivers have a ‘gentlemen’s code’ where each driver has to wait in line on the run-up to the final corner in qualifying to ensure everyone can complete a lap in time.

Vettel refused to blame Mazepin solely for his Q1 exit and says the bunching up at the final corner is a consequence of the Pirelli tyres.

“Yeah but in the end, I think the trouble is we have to run so slow to get the tyres where we want them to be so with that amount of cars on track it’s going to be a mess,” Vettel added. “Obviously, nobody expected it to be that bad but yeah, let’s see what we can do tomorrow ”



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