Australian Grand Prix organisers have unveiled their changes to the Albert Park circuit for the Formula 1 grand prix set to take place later this year.

In a bid to improve overtaking opportunities, organisers announced in February it would be tweaking Albert Park’s track layout.

The Turn 9 and 10 complex is set to be significantly altered, with the heavy braking zone set to be completely removed and opened out into a faster sweep, increasing entry speeds to the left-right of Turns 11-12.

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The removal of the Turn 9-10 chicane offers the potential for a longer, new DRS zone.

Turn 13 will also be re-profiled with added camber in a bid to promote more overtaking opportunities into the braking zone of the corner.

Several corners will be widened to allow for better overtaking - Turn 1 will be widened by 2.5 metres, Turn 3 by four metres and Turn 6 will be by 7.5 metres.

Turn 15 will also be widened by 3.5 metres while having its camber readjusted.

The changes to the track should mean lap times are reduced by approximately five seconds, with the average lap speed up 15km/h, to 251km/h.

The pit lane has already been extended while resurfacing will take place between the 2021 and 2022 races.

Work began in February and is on course to be completed in July, in time for the 2021 Australian Grand Prix in November.

“These circuit modifications mean faster racing, with plenty of new opportunities for drivers to battle it out – come November, the Australian Grand Prix will be back and better than ever,” Australian GP Corporation CEO, Andrew Westacott said.

“Since the 1950s Albert Park has been synonymous with Grand Prix racing with these upgrades aligning perfectly with the changes in specifications of the Formula 1 cars in 2022. While the project will make for more exciting racing, it also enhances the roads and surrounding facilities for community use beyond the event for years to come.”