Honda made its first power unit change of the season last time out at the French Grand Prix as Red Bull notched up a hat-trick of victories for the first time in the V6 hybrid era with Verstappen overtaking Lewis Hamilton late on to win.

Hamilton said he had no answer to Verstappen’s attack and suggested the straightline speed advantage Red bull enjoyed at Paul Ricard was down to Honda’s new power unit, despite an engine homologation preventing specification upgrades this year.

Red Bull countered this by explaining that its impressive top speed had been achieved by running a low-downforce rear wing configuration, rather than any step forward with its power unit.

After taking his third pole position of the season at the Styrian Grand Prix, Verstappen hit out when it was suggested that Red Bull has historically enjoyed strong engine performance at higher-altitude tracks.

“We’ve always been quite good with altitude but I think next time I’m going to bring a print out of the rear wing difference we’re running and then I’m going to hand it over to every single journalist,” Verstappen said.

“Because I get these questions now, two questions — two or three weeks — that we are really quick on the straight, and yes we are, but look at our rear wing, I don’t think it’s exactly the same.

“For sure Honda did a great job compared to last year, but from our first engine to the engine we have in the car now it’s all about reliability improvements and no clear advantage on pure power.

“So I’m going to fire up my printer next time and I’m going to hand over a few shots.”

Speaking in Friday’s press conference, Red Bull team principal Christian Horner said he was baffled by recent comments made by Hamilton and Mercedes boss Toto Wolff.

“I listen with interest and sometimes some of the theories Lewis has are sometimes some way from reality,” he said.

“We run less drag and we run lower wing, and as a result of that you tend to go a bit quicker down the straight sometimes.”

Hamilton once again referred to Red Bull’s straightline speed performance after qualifying.

“They've had straightline speed again here this weekend, which is hard for us to compete with," Hamilton added.

"But I'm really proud of the team for just continuing to push hard and not leaving any stone unturned."