F1 has just finished its first triple-header of the season, starting in France before back-to-back races at the Red Bull Ring in Austria.

Looking to the rest of the season, there are three more triple-headers currently planned should there be no further cancellations.

Following the summer break in August, F1 heads to Belgium, Netherlands and Italy in quick succession.

A week off then it’s Russia, Turkey and Japan as the next triple-header, although the race at Suzuka could end up being cancelled due to the worsening COVID situation in the country. 

The United States, Mexico and Brazil is the final proposed triple-header, but due to Australia’s cancellation, F1 may decide to add another race in the Middle East to make it another triple-header, just before Saudi Arabia and the finale in Abu Dhabi.

Speaking after the Austrian Grand Prix, Steiner said: “I mean, I must admit, I think they are now looking forward to get home as you can imagine, after this one.

“At the moment, we are still keeping on talking because of COVID, the calendar changes, so I wouldn't say there are reasons why this is the way it is. But we need to try to not have triple headers. I think more double-headers are better than one triple-header, it is better to have consistent double-headers then four triple-headers in a season. 

“With triple-headers, some people are away a month until they get back home and, in that month, did three races which is also pretty stressful. I'm sure FOM will look into it but, at the moment, it is COVID situation because one of these tripleheaders, like this one, was just thrown in because the calendar is a moving target.”

Steiner expects the Russia-Turkey-Japan run of races to be most difficult given the difference in time zones and travel.

“It will be tougher, that one will be a lot tougher because you have got the time zone changes in as well and, obviously, the jet lag which goes with it,” Steiner added. “Here on Monday, or last Monday it is now, everybody had the day off. I gave everybody the day off so they could do some activities around here because it's very good.

“But if you fly from one country to the other one, there is nothing. Your day off is spent on an aeroplane.”