The seven-time world champion was booed by Dutch supporters after qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix, which took place two weeks after his controversial collision with Verstappen at Silverstone.

Hamilton was also subjected to booing from large sections of Verstappen’s fans in Belgium and is braced for another hostile reception at Zandvoort, which this weekend hosts the first F1 race in the Netherlands since 1985.

“It’s naturally something you could potentially expect,” Hamilton said. “Of course you've seen a lot of the orange fans all over.

"I've never been someone that would go to an event and boo, but I understand it. You see it in football events, the passion that the fans have - or the dislike that some of them have of their opponents. But I respect it.

"I've always loved coming out to Holland, particularly Amsterdam, which is one of the greatest cities. I know I do have some Team LH fans in the Netherlands, which I really appreciate. They're probably a small portion in the grandstands out there, and I admire them for being able to withstand the boos too, but that's the sport.

“What I do is just try and turn that energy towards me, however you want to take it, and turn it into a positive, and try and put it into driving.”


Speaking earlier on Thursday at Zandvoort, Red Bull’s Max Verstappen made it clear he felt there was nothing he could do to prevent his fans from booing Hamilton.

Asked if he would tell his own home fans not to boo if the situation was reversed, Hamilton replied: "Well fortunately, the British fans don't do the booing.

"They're amazing, the British fans. I think they're just there for a great weekend. I don't think I've heard booing from the British fans for anyone in my time. I've got a short memory, but I'm pretty sure I haven’t.

"But I don't agree with it in general for anyone. Everyone is there to do the best job they can, and everyone is trying to be the best they can be.

"But it is again, it's a part of sport, and you see it."