Aston Martin recently announced that it would be retaining Vettel alongside Lance Stroll for next season.

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Russian Grand Prix, Vettel admits he’s ‘excited’ by the regulation changes for next year and the opportunity that it gives Aston Martin.

“Not really, I think in the end the excitement for next year, the new cars, the new regs and I think where the team is going, everything looks very promising,” Vettel said. “We don’t know until next year but it’s great to be part of that.”

Explaining his decision to remain with the team for a second season, Vettel added: “The driving, the competitiveness, obviously I love driving, I love winning. Next year, a lot of things are changing. I don’t think anyone is guaranteed to win but I think the challenge of working with the team. I think the spirit in the team is great,

“I like the guys. It’s been a great season. Maybe not in terms of results but in terms of working. Morale is high so a lot of things that excite me. Obviously, there are some things that over the period of so many years you enjoy less, like being here now and answering questions.”

With Vettel in the twilight years of his carer, Aston Martin’s rise to the front of the grid might come when his career comes to an end.

The four-time champion is confident Aston Martin can become a championship-winning outfit.

“I think the fair answer is you don’t know,” Vettel explained. “I think the four-five years is fair in terms of just looking back to other teams, how long it took other teams to climb to the top.

“I think the vision is impressive and the commitment is very high so it might be less [years] but you never know it might be longer. I feel that where the team is going is a very promising direction and I feel it will happen. Time will tell. I am not getting younger, it’s not my first year in F1 so we’ll see what happens.”