The 2021 F1 world championship leader has explained he doesn’t want to part of the latest season of the fly-on-the-wall documentary series because he disagrees with it “faking rivalries”. 

Speaking in an interview with the Associated Press ahead of this weekend’s United States Grand Prix, Verstappen said: “I understand that it needs to be done to boost the popularity in America. But from my side as a driver, I don’t like being part of it. 

“They faked a few rivalries which they don’t really exist. So I decided to not be a part of it and did not give any more interviews after that because then there is nothing you can show.

“I am not really a dramatic show kind of person, I just want facts and real things to happen.”

While Drive to Survive has been praised for its overwhelmingly positive impact on F1 and for boosting the world championship’s popularly, particularly in the United States, it has been criticised for over-dramatising some elements. 

One of the biggest complaints has surrounded the use of radio messages at the wrong time to add drama, while Drive to Survive also faced criticism for one episode which attempted to portray conflict between former McLaren teammates Lando Norris and Carlos Sainz. 

Verstappen did not wish to comment further when asked to elaborate on his snub Netflix in Thursday’s press conference ahead of this weekend’s United States Grand Prix. 

“I literally explained it in the article, so I would recommend people to read the article, I don’t want to explain it again,” he replied. 

McLaren driver Daniel Ricciardo - who was in the same press conference as his former Red Bull teammate Verstappen - said he personally has had no issues with Netflix. 

“For sure there’s times where you want your space and privacy but I think if you let them know ‘no cameras in this room’, then they are pretty good with that,” he explained. 

"It’s been okay. I guess we have a bit of a different relationship with them.”