Controversy brewed on Friday in Sao Paulo after Hamilton was referred to the stewards for a breach of the technical regulations in relation to the DRS on his car.

After the FIA announced it was being adjourned until Saturday morning, it said it was also investigating Verstappen after he was caught inspecting and touching Hamilton’s W12 after qualifying.

The seven-time champion was excluded from qualifying, while Verstappen was hit with a fine.

Explaining why he decided to take a look at his rival’s car, he said: “We have our suspicions that something is going on there

“I just looked at the rear wing and there’s clearly something going on.”

Mercedes’ impressive straight-line speed has been a major talking point in recent races, with both Verstappen and Red Bull team boss Christian Horner referring to the reigning world champion’s rear wing.

“Yeah, of course there have been talks, and of course there are things to still look into because at a certain speed it seems like the wing is flexing,” he added.

“Of course you know we had, at the beginning of the season, to all change the rear wings a bit because of the back off.

“But it seems like something is still backing off over there [at Mercedes]. So, that’s why I went and had a look.”

Verstappen laughed off the €50,000 fine, joking that the stewards can treat themselves to dinner and some expensive wine.

“It’s quite a big fine so I hope they have a nice dinner and some good, expensive wine, that would be nice. They can invite me for dinner as well, I’ll pay for that dinner too.

“I do have to pay [the fine, not Red Bull]. So that’s a little bit less FIFA points for me then on my laptop.”