Verstappen finished second behind Hamilton in a dramatic first-ever race in Jeddah which was red-flagged twice.

The Dutchman was hit with a five-second penalty after he was deemed to have gained an advantage by going off the track when he defended aggressively from Hamilton into Turn 1 for the lead.

The controversy didn’t stop there as when Verstappen attempted to give the place back - to avoid a penalty - Hamilton hit the back of him.

Thus, he has been summoned to the stewards for an alleged brake test, while Hamilton has also been asked to see the stewards for the pair’s contact on the run to Turn 27.

Verstappen was voted as F1’s DOTD and he immediately voiced his frustration during his interview afterwards.

“Luckily the fans have a clear mind about racing because what happened today is unbelievable," Verstappen said.

“I'm just trying to race and this sport these days is more about penalties than about racing. For me this is not Formula 1 but at least the fans enjoyed it.

“I gave it all today but clearly not quick enough. But still, happy with second."

Explaining the alleged brake test, Verstappen explained: “I slowed down. I wanted to let him by, so I'm on the right but he didn't want to overtake and then we touched.

“I don't really understand what happened there."

Verstappen admitted he wasn’t sure if his tyres were good enough to maintain the lead.

“A lot of things happened which I don’t fully agree with, but it is what it is,” Verstappen added.

“At least I tried it on track, to give it all. I’m not sure if the tyres were lasting till the end, I think it was good for the beginning of that end of the stint, last stint basically.

“Just lacking a bit of rubber I think towards the end. Nevertheless, still second.”