‘Unfair I’m treated differently’ to other F1 drivers - Verstappen

Max Verstappen has claimed he is being “treated differently” to other Formula 1 drivers after being hit with penalties in Saudi Arabia he felt were unfair. 
Max Verstappen (NLD), Red Bull Racing
Max Verstappen (NLD), Red Bull Racing
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The Red Bull driver picked up two separate time penalties after being involved in several incidents with F1 title rival Lewis Hamilton as they battled for victory in the inaugural Saudi Arabian Grand Prix. 

Verstappen was hit with a five-second time penalty for running Hamilton off-track at Turn 1, while he received a post-race 10-second time penalty for causing a collision with the Mercedes driver. Despite the penalties, Verstappen kept his second place finish behind Hamilton. 

Speaking ahead of this weekend’s Abu Dhabi title showdown, Verstappen said he still feels aggrieved by the decisions. 

“Clearly things don’t apply for everyone because the things I did in terms of defending, two other guys also did and they didn’t get a mention or penalty,” Verstappen said. 

“I don’t understand as I thought I was just racing hard.  What happened for me didn’t deserve any penalty and clearly the other two people who did it they didn’t get one but clearly it’s only me that gets it. 

“Of course fighting at the front people are a bit more critical but for me I don’t understand.” 

Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W12 and Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull Racing RB16B battle for the lead at the first race restart.
Lewis Hamilton (GBR) Mercedes AMG F1 W12 and Max Verstappen (NLD) Red Bull…
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Asked about the criticism he has received following the race, Verstappen said: “Well I mean at the end of the day criticism, that’s always there, but I think from my side what is unfair is I’m treated differently than other drivers. 

“Clearly other drivers can get away with it and I can’t.”

Verstappen also believes it is wrong that Hamilton did not face a penalty for pushing him wide at the final corner when he made his race-winning move in the closing stages of the race. 

“For me I was not wrong, and clearly only I was wrong somehow, like I said while other people do exactly the same thing and get nothing,” he explained. 

“Both of us we were outside of the track, outside of the white line into Turn 1, and yeah, somehow they judged that it was my fault which I don’t agree with, and also the other penalty as well, I don’t agree with. 

“Afterwards he pushes me off track, he even looks at me, and just doesn’t turn in, and just pushes me outside of the white line, the track edge, and he only gets a warning for that. 

“Definitely it is not how it should be and also not fair because it seems other drivers can do different things and only seems like I get a penalty.” 

Asked whether he will consider changing his approach in light of the stewards’ rulings in Jeddah, Verstappen replied:  “The only thing I ask is that it’s fair for everyone but clearly that’s not the case for the moment. 

“But like I said I don’t feel like I was wrong and clearly it is not wrong for others. 

“So why should I then change while for others it’s allowed to race like that, I think everyone should be allowed to race like that.” 

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