Among the changes this year as part of F1’s rules revolution to bring the field closer together and improve the racing spectacle is the introduction of 18-inch wheels and lower-profile tyres. 

While the drivers are yet to try out the new generation of cars for real, many have been conducting running in their team's simulators to familiarise themselves with their new machines and get up to speed ahead of the new season. 

Speaking at the launch of Red Bull’s RB18 car on Wednesday, Verstappen pinpointed the view from the cockpit as the biggest early difference he noticed. 

“I haven’t really driven it too much,” said Verstappen. “For me, the biggest thing is actually the view from the cockpit with these bigger tyres. 

“To hit an apex in some tight corners is a bit more difficult. The driving just feels like the car has a bit less grip, but you will get used to that. 

“That’s why we have the practice days to get used to the sliding and locking and things like that. I think it should be fine, it’s just getting a bit more used to the view in the cockpit because the tyres are bigger. 

“Of course we are running bigger wheels so the tyres increase, so that will make it a little more tricky.”

Despite going into a season as the reigning world champion for the first time in his F1 career, Verstappen insists he is feeling no extra pressure. 

“Of course as a driver, with the new regulations, you have to get used to the car - it’s not like you can jump in and it’s an upgrade from last year,” he explained. 

“So that is going to be the biggest adaptation, but the rest is pretty straightforward.

“I don’t feel any extra pressure this season, I will just do what I do all the time because I don’t think there is any reason to be different.” 

And Verstappen feels in the best shape possible to tackle F1’s new era. 

“A lot is unknown about the car,” he added. “But personally I feel good. 

“What is important is that you prepare yourself the best way possible physically but in terms of the car you don’t know. 

“So that’s why I’m also very curious to see how the car is behaving on track.”