Mitch Evans believes the new Formula E car that will be introduced for the electric championship's fifth season is a "different beast" to the existing model that will help boost the popularity of the series.

Formula E unveiled its new 'Gen2' car at the Geneva Motor Show at the start of March, with teams completing their first on-track tests at the Monteblanco circuit three weeks ago.

A second collective test with the Gen2 car took place at the Calafat circuit in Spain earlier this week, being the first that all nine manufacturers set to race in Season 5 were present for.

The test also saw Evans get his first taste of the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 after teammate Nelson Piquet Jr. took the reins for the Monteblanco test, and the New Zealander was impressive with the feel of the more powerful and efficient car.

"We’ve made progress and are off to a good start. It’s only the second time the Jaguar I-TYPE 3 has run so we are finding lots of new things, but that’s what testing is all about," Evans said.

"I think we can be satisfied with where we are in the early stages of testing the car. There are some other teams that look good and prepared, but I think we are in good shape too."

Asked if the Gen2 car would help boost Formula E's popularity, Evans said: "Yeah I think it’s going to be huge, even more so now I’ve driven the car just because it’s a different beast, it’s faster.

"Especially in qualifying mode at 250kW the car is moving pretty quick so I think visually this will be more spectacular around the Formula E circuits. I think it’s very hard to improve the racing at the moment, as we saw in Rome the racing is really close.

"Hopefully, the way the aero works with these cars you won’t get any aero wash so you can still run behind cars and get close.

"I think the future is bright for the series."