Formula E has teased its updated Gen2 Evo chassis ahead of its full reveal in early February.

As part of its planned updates ahead of Season 7 in 2020-21, Formula E will make revisions to the existing Gen2 car chassis that has been racing since the start of Season 5.

In a teaser image posted to its social media channels on Friday, Formula E confirmed the date of the reveal will come on February 4, showing a side-on image of the front of the car.

The teaser image confirms the existing hubbed front wheels will become open again as of Season 7, changing the profile and structure of the front bodywork as a result.

Further changes are expected to take place at the rear of the chassis on the rear wing and wheel hubs.

Formula E has refreshed its chassis designs every two seasons throughout its cycle. The original Spark Gen1 car was revised for Season 3, introducing a new front wing design, while a radical overhaul of the car's appearance took place for Season 5 when the Gen2 car was launched, removing the need for mid-race car swaps thanks to the additional power capacity.

The Gen2 Evo car is set to be used for Seasons 7 and 8 ahead of the introduction of the new, more powerful Gen3 car for Season 9 (2022-23) for which a tender to design has already been issued.

The Gen3 cars will be faster and lighter, and are required to have capability for mid-race charging, marking the return of pit stops to the series.



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