Aston Martin Racing endured mixed results at Paul Ricard as it hit the track with its new Lola LMP1 machinery for the first time.

All six drivers got chance to spend time at the wheel of the car, although the session for the #007 of Jan Charouz, Tomas Enge and Stefan Mucke would end on the opening afternoon when Enge suffered a high-speed accident that left the car severely damaged.

"Considering how short a time the team had to build up the two cars we were running really well without any major problems," he said. "Unfortunately because of my error, the test was compromised, but prior to the accident the car was good and I believe that we will be even stronger than we were last year."

The #009 car of Harold Primat, Darren Turner and Miguel Ramos ran without any major problems, despite the fact that the car hadn't turned a wheel prior to hitting the track at the French test track.

"The test has been really good, the car has run like clockwork and it is fitting reward for the guys from Aston Martin Racing who have put so much effort in over the last few weeks that we have managed to complete lots of miles," Turner said. "The main focus right now is to put miles on the new car and to allow me and my team mates to get up to speed.

"For me it is a big step from the DBR9 to LMP1 but I'm happy that after two days of testing I am starting to feel comfortable and I'm really looking forward to the first race in Barcelona and the rest of the year."

While the accident for the #007 car has left the team with work to do, AMR team principal George Howard-Chappell said it wouldn't prevent the team from having two cars on track for the start of the new season in Barcelona.

"It's a credit to the team that both of our cars have run so reliably after such an intense and tiring build period," he said. "For a first test with two brand new cars we have run very successfully.

"Obviously the accident has set us back to a degree but as always we will recover and we will be in Barcelona with two race-ready cars. I am pleased that the new drivers are getting to grips with the car and are integrating well with the team and the 'old hands' are also performing well."