Replacement named to take over Sito Pons’ team in Moto3 category

PONS Racing will leave the MotoGP world championship after 42 years at the end of this season.
Sito Pons, Moto3, French MotoGP
Sito Pons, Moto3, French MotoGP

The racing seats belonging to Sito Pons’ Moto2 team will next year become the property of MT Helmets-MSi in Moto3.

This ensures the continuation of most of the PONS Racing staff, a key element of the deal being struck.

Sito Pons  said: "Sometimes you have to make certain decisions and I think now is the time to close this very successful period that we have enjoyed with the team. 

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“From my time as a rider, it's 42 years in the championship and when we made the project we knew we wanted to be a protagonist team and season after season we have always been fighting among the best. 

“And our time in MotoGP was very successful, as well as the years in Moto2. 

“I am proud to have contributed to the development of the sporting careers of all these riders and that some of them are still protagonists in MotoGP today. 

“The commitment of PONS Racing has always been to support the Spanish riders and to serve as a launch path for them in MotoGP and we have done so, providing them with the best tools to achieve the best results and training them both professionally and personally. 

“I can't forget all the sponsors who have been part of the team. We have always felt supported and thanks to them we have been able to carry out all these projects. My most sincere thanks. 

“And also to all the drivers, mechanics and team staff who have put their trust in PONS Racing. 

“People are what make the team work and we have been lucky to have the best. I also want to thank all MotoGP, Dorna and IRTA for their constant help and support. 

“Now it's time to step aside and face the future with optimism. We will always see each other on the circuits.”

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