2024 Americas Moto3 Grand Prix, COTA - Friday Practice Results

Friday Practice results from the 2024 Americas Moto3 Grand Prix in Texas, which saw David Alonso lead day one.

David Alonso, Moto3, Americas GP, 12 April
David Alonso, Moto3, Americas GP, 12 April


2024 Moto3 COTA  - Practice (2) Results
1David AlonsoCOLCFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team (CFMOTO)2m15.173s
2Jose Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)+0.157s
3Angel PiquerasSPALeopard Racing (Honda)+0.317s
4Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull GASGAS Tech3 (GasGas)+0.394s
5Ivan OrtolaSPAMT Helmets - MSI (KTM)+0.433s
6Joel KelsoAUSBOE Motorsports (KTM)+0.594s
7Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GASGAS Tech3 (GasGas)+0.814s
8David MunozSPABOE Motorsports (KTM)+0.814s
9Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia (Honda)+0.919s
10Stefano NepaITALEVELUP - MTA (KTM)+0.962s
11Matteo BertelleITARivacold SnipersTeam (Honda)+1.033s
12Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI (KTM)+1.045s
13Scott OgdenGBRMLav Racing (Honda)+1.204s
14David AlmansaSPARivacold Snipers Team (Honda)+1.208s
15Adrian FernandezSPALeopard Racing (Honda)+1.220s
16Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP (Husqvarna)+1.275s
17Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra Corse (Honda)+_1.311s
18Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)+1.323s
19Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra Corse (Honda)+1.397s
20Joel EstebanSPACFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team (CFMOTO)+1.437s
21Nicola CarraroITALEVELUP - MTA (KTM)+1.635s
22Xabi ZurutuzaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)+1.780s
23Riccardo RossiITACIP Green Power (KTM)+2.150s
24Joshua WhatleyGBRMLav Racing (Honda)+2.645s
25Noah DettwilerSWICIP Green Power (KTM)+3.203s
26Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team Asia (Honda)+3.460s

                                                                                                                                    David Alonso finished Friday on top in the Moto3 class after practice at the Americas Grand Prix, with the Aspar rider topping both sessions.

CFMoto rider Alonso lead the way in the first free practice session, moving ahead of championship leader and Portimao winner Daniel Holgado, who only revealed his pace in the final minutes of the session, with Jose Antonio Rueda third. The whole top ten in the first session were within a second of the best time.

A spill slowed progress for Filippo Farioli, the only rider to crash out. The #7 did so in spectacular style, losing control at turn two, leaving his bike sliding down the hill in the middle of the track.

There was also early issues for Ivan Ortola - he was shown the black flag after a mechanical issue on his MT Helmets KTM. A late lap cencellation dropped top rookie Angel Piqueras from fifth to eighth.                                                                                                                                        

P1 allowed the Colombian to consolidate his performance in the timed session, cutting his best further to a time approaching Aron Canet’s long standing lap record.

Rueda was consistent, with plenty of time in the number one slot himself, the Red Bull KTM Ajo rider finished just 0.157s slower.

After showing he had the pace with the lap cancelled in the first session, Piqueras came back error free to claim third on Friday, the rookie instantly in tune with the COTA track.

Holgado was close behind in the lead trio in fourth after again leaving it late to climb up the timing screens.

There was another impressive first time performance from Jacob Roulstone, who was seventh on the GasGas Tech3 Aspar.

2023 race winner Ortola saw no luck later in the day either - this time he was collected early in the session by team mate Ryusei Yamanaka as he fell. The Spainard rallied to be fifth quickest.

Tatsuki Suzuki and Tatchakorn Buasri also crashed in the session.

Xabi Zurutuza made his debut appearance after celebrating his birthday between rounds and was 22nd at the end of the second session, ahead of several more seasoned riders. Vincente Perez had filled his seat at Red Bull KTN Ajo until Texas.


2024 Moto3 COTA  - Practice (1) Results
1David AlonsoCOLCFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team (CFMOTO)2m 16.537s
2Daniel HolgadoSPARed Bull GASGAS Tech3 (GasGas)+0.182s
3Jose Antonio RuedaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo(KTM)+0.223s
4David MunozSPABOE Motorsports (KTM)+0.242s
5Collin VeijerNEDLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP(Husqvarna)+0.634s
6Matteo BertelleITARivacold Snipers Team (Honda)+0.723s
7Adrian FernandezSPALeopard Racing (Honda)+0.819s
8Angel PiquerasSPALeopard Racing (Honda)+0.824s
9Ivan OrtolaSPAMT Helmets - MSI (KTM)+0.883s
10Tatsuki SuzukiJPNLiqui Moly Husqvarna Intact GP (Husqvarna)+0.897s
11Stefano NepaITALEVELUP - MTA (KTM)+1.061s
12Taiyo FurusatoJPNHonda Team Asia (Honda)+1.077s
13Filippo FarioliITASIC58 Squadra Corse (Honda)+1.104s
14Ryusei YamanakaJPNMT Helmets - MSI (KTM)+1.125s
15Joel KelsoAUSBOE Motorsports (KTM)+1.177s
16Joel EstebanSPACFMOTO Gaviota Aspar Team (CFMOTO)+1.220s
17Scott OgdenGBRMLav Racing (Honda)+1.281s
18David AlmansaSPARivacold Snipers Team (Honda)+1.654s
19Luca LunettaITASIC58 Squadra Corse (Honda)+1.897s
20Jacob RoulstoneAUSRed Bull GASGAS Tech3 (GasGas)+2.348s
21Xabi ZurutuzaSPARed Bull KTM Ajo (KTM)+2.410s
22Joshua WhatleyGBRMLav Racing (Honda)+2.606s
23Nicola CarraroITALEVELUP - MTA (KTM)+2.799s
24Tatchakorn BuasriTHAHonda Team Asia (Honda)+2.979s
25Noah DettwilerSWICIP Green Power (KTM)+3.059s
26Riccardo RossiITACIP Green Power (KTM)+3.176s

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