As part of Fiat Yamaha's virtual launch, the team released the following quick-fire head-to-head Q&A with reigning MotoGP world champion Valentino Rossi and 2008 rookie of the year Jorge Lorenzo...

Q: The best moment of 2008?Valentino Rossi: I would say the battle at Laguna Seca.Jorge Lorenzo: My first victory at Estoril.

Q: The worst moment of 2008?VR: The crash in the GP of Assen, on the first lap.JL: I think the crash at Montmel? and the one at Laguna Seca.

Q: Best thing you did this winter?VR: Snowboarding.JL: I took part in two charity events.

Q: Favourite non-MotoGP sporting moment of 2008, as a fan...VR: When Inter won the derby against Milan.JL: I think Usain Bolt's victory in the 100 metres in Peking [Beijing].

Q: One thing you would like to see improved on the 2009 M1.VR: To improve the accelleration during long corners.JL: At the moment we're definitely lacking a little in acceleration.

Q: Your championship top three for 2009?VR: It's impossible to say, but the same as in 2008 would be good: Rossi, Stoner, Pedrosa.JL: I think Rossi, Pedrosa, Stoner.

Q: Your championship top three for 2009 in 250cc?VR: Simoncelli, Bautista, Barber?.JL: Bautista, Simoncelli, Barber?.

Q: Your championship top three for 2009 in 125cc?VR: Difficult, because until the first race you don't know who races in 125. I don't know who will be favourite for the championship, but I hope an Italian wins!JL: Corsi, Terol, Simon.

Q: If you could make one rule change to MotoGP it would be...VR: For sure less electronics and a return to 1000cc.JL: I would remove traction control.

Q: If you could choose one new country to race in with MotoGP it would be...VR: Ibiza! The Grand Prix of Ibiza!JL: I'm sure 90% of people would say Brazil.

Q: What would you like to be doing in five years time?VR: I don't know...I hope to be still racing with bikes.JL: I'd like to be world champion and still enjoying the feeling of riding a motorcycle.

Q: What is your aim for 2009?VR: My objective is to try to win the world championship.JL: Be a bit better than in 2009!

Q: One new thing you'd like to learn to do...VR: To improve my English but...I already know that I won't do it!JL: I'd like to learn to play the guitar.

Q: Favourite Yamaha production bike...VR: The new R1.JL: I like the V-Max a lot.

Q: Favourite FIAT car...VR: The new 500.JL: I like the 500 and I even own one.

Q: One famous person you would like to meet this year.VR: I don't know...a beautiful girl...Rosario Dawson!JL: As a sportsman I would like to meet Michael Jordan.

Q: The last film you saw...VR: I don't remember...maybe "No Country for Old Men", by the Coen Brothers.JL: The last film I saw was Vicky Cristina Barcelona by Woody Allen.

Q: Jorge's/Valentino's best attribute as a racer...VR: He is a very brave rider.JL: I think he is the most complete.

Q: And finally give a message to Jorge/Valentino...VR: Jorge...This year you have one more year of experience and for sure you will be better. Improve your position in the championship but please don't arrive in front of me!JL: Valentino, you have already won too much. Too many victories, too many titles... Leave it to the youngsters. We're hungry too and we need to eat!