Di Giannantonio claimed a stunning maiden MotoGP pole after battling former Moto2 rival Bezzecchi during the closing stages of Q2. 

After advancing from Q1 along with Marc Marquez, Di Giannantonio was one of four riders directly behind the Repsol Honda rider who suffered a big highside at turn two, leading to his RC213V catching fire [first lap out of the pits]. 

Despite the track remaining wet - before and after the red flag - slick tyres were the choice for every rider.

Using slicks on a wet track was not the only worry some riders had as thunder and lightning was hovering around the Mugello circuit, which is why Quartararo felt conditions were ‘dangerous’ from a safety point of view. 

Speaking after qualifying, Quartararo said: “This morning, I didn't have a good feeling on the bike, and I couldn't make a good lap time. The conditions this afternoon were really dangerous. This is a very fast and very long track, and riding here with slicks after rain, you don't know what to expect in all the sectors. 

“That wasn't a great feeling. But in the end, P6 on the grid is a good result for us.”

Quartararo’s claims weren’t backed up by any of the top three as Di Giannantonio, Bezzecchi and Luca Marini refuted the idea that it was ‘dangerous’ from a safety aspect, in fact, lap times suggested that track conditions were in good order. 

“Maybe you could crash easier, but it was safe,” added Di Giannantonio. “In the end we are the best riders in the world so we can manage it. When there is this gamble whether to choose wet tyres or dry tyres; if you want to choose safety then you can go with the wets. 

“I think in this case [Mugello qualifying] we are not talking about safety.”

‘I never saw lightning’ claims Di Giannantonio

Those were the Gresini Ducati rider’s views on the wet track, however, Di Giannantonio was also unfazed by lightning surrounding the Tuscan-based circuit.

Di Giannantonio continued: “I never saw lighting. I saw some drops because it was raining some times, but when you are full of focus then you don’t see the sky more-or-less, you see your line, in my case.” 

Bezzecchi backed up Di Giannantonio’s opinion by saying: “For me, if you look at the lap times it was okay. If we were riding with slicks and making 1m 50s or more then it was more dangerous. 

“But at that point you would change tyres. For me, the track was good. I like these conditions and it’s full of adrenaline. I prefer dry today because the rain was strong in Arrabbiata one and two were a bit strange, but it was a very positive day. 

‘The target is not to win’ says Bezzecchi, but should a first MotoGP victory be the aim?

Although Bezzecchi, like Di Giannantonio and Marini does not have the dry-weather pace [currently] to challenge for victory at Mugello, conditions could be just as tricky for Sunday’s Grand Prix.

The Mooney VR46 rider is aiming to ‘learn’ from those around him, but should the Italian be more confident?

Speaking about his chances, Bezzecchi said: “I think the first row is something I didn’t expect but we worked really well. My target is not to fight for the win because I think it’s too early, but I take this as a possibility to learn as much as I can from the top riders.”

‘Lightning was not a safety problem’ claims Marini

For the third time in his MotoGP career, Marini managed to secure a front row start thanks to his P3 performance. 

Valentino Rossi vs Marc Marquez - The Rivalry | MotoGP

The Italian was part of a Ducati quintet that locked out the top five positions, with Quartararo best of the rest in sixth. 

Like Bezzecchi and Di Giannantonio, Marini also had strong words for those who believe conditions were unsafe: "If the lightning was not a problem; I trust in the organisers, then it’s not a safety problem. The track is difficult and it was really difficult conditions, but if you want to go slow and be safe, then you can go slow. 

"Nobody pushed you to make 1m 46s. Like Fabio [Di Giannantonio] said, we are the best riders in the world and we need to perform at our best, also in this condition because the other riders can do this. If you want to stay in front then you need to do this." 

Although the top three weren’t in agreement with Quartararo, Prima Pramac Ducati rider Jorge Martin was, as the Spaniard also called qualifying conditions ‘dangerous’. 

Martin actually went a step further by saying ‘everybody will cry’ if something bad were to happen, yet nothing was done to address the fact riders were taking corners at 200kph with slicks tyres whilst it was raining : "It was really dangerous. I mean, it's funny that we speak a lot about safety now, in the Safety Commission and all these things, and then we go out with slick tyres and it’s raining.  

"For sure if something happens then everybody will cry and put their hands on their head, but it's like this and I just wanted to make some laps and try to do the best I could.

"I think in these conditions we have to think a little bit more. Maybe wait, I don't really care if it rains, but at least for qualifying maybe wait 15 or 20 minutes, because we are going to the corners 200 ks per hour, [and it's] raining with slicks."