Rossi was great… but not the greatest!

Our verdict: That’s a fair point. When it comes down to the greatest of all time we can’t predict it. In 10 or 20 years we might have someone who completely changes the history books. It’s more generational - Rossi is definitely the greatest of his era but the same can be said for Mick Doohan and Marc Marquez.

Marc Marquez will be the MotoGP champion in 2023 and 2024!

Our verdict: It’s a fair opinion. It could happen. I don’t think anyone doubts his talent. When he is on the grid fully fit, he is by the best talent. Will he come back fully fit?

There are too man Ducatis on the grid!

Our verdict: That’s not unpopular. It’s popular. You see people saying that it’s becoming ‘The Ducati Cup!’

Marco Melandri should have been the 2006 world champion!

Our verdict: An interesting take, it’s a good opinion to hear. Melandri was so fast. He had a horrific incident in Barcelona, similar to Takaaki Nakagami this year, but way worse. Melandri was lucky not to get injured. That DNF, then a few more, didn’t help him.

Enea Bastianini is overrated!

Our verdict: I don’t think so. People say it because of how his season has gone - up and down. Winning races then crashing out. It is a balancing act, with Enea. He is on a good bike.

Joan Mir is as good as Fabio Quartararo!

Our verdict: Fair to say. Quartararo was world champion last season, Mir in 2020. Mir had the better junior career. Quartararo was so hyped going into Moto3 but look at him now. If Mir goes to Honda I’d be interested to see how it goes. Could Mir be the difference maker?